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Note: Although I have attempted to be be as accurate as possible, I accept no responsiblity for incomplete or inaccurate information provided above.


I feel it is necessary to cite my sources for the information that I give on these pages. Not only for copyright reasons, but so that those who would like to get more information on Miss West may have an opportunity to do so. The authors of the above books have obviously done a lot of research on a topic that lacks the plethora of sources of say, Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin. They deserve to see to see their efforts have some sort of return.

However, as a disclaimer, I am not endorsing any of the cited materials, nor do I guarantee the accuracy of any of the information they provide. Much of the information published about Mae West is disputed by other sources. Equally, all of the information that I share on the Mae West Home Page has been obtained from what I consider to be the most reliable sources and try to include only that which has been verified by more than one source. If there are instances where the facts are disputed, but I feel they are important to be mentioned, I have and will attempt to state that this is the case.

I also feel it is important to state that my reason for publishing any of this information is educational. I feel that it is necessary to keep the memory of Miss West alive and give those individuals who want access to such information, an opportunity to learn more about a wonderful woman, who contributed greatly to American culture. Miss West has had a profound influence me, and I feel the need to share this with all who care to learn more about her.

By Kim Stahl Cotton

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Last updated: June 29, 2004