Mae West

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*Note: These are approximate dates based on the opening dates of the first runs. Many of them lasted longer than a year or, as in the case of "Diamond Lil," opened for revivals in later years.

Now, after all of this info, I can tell you little else. These are all of the plays I know have been performed. According to "When I'm Bad, I'm Better: Mae West, Sex, and American Entertainment," by Marybeth Hamilton, at least the early plays, including "SEX" and "The Drag," had two different scripts -- One for the normal run, and one which was substituted when the company was tipped off that someone was going to be in the audience for the purpose of a raid, or some other sort of censorship.

"Sex" "The Drag" and "Pleasure Man" have been published under the title "Three Plays By Mae West."

By Kim Stahl Cotton

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